Evergreen Chorale Donors

We want give a hearty thanks to each and every one of our contributors listed below, who made a donation between February 1, 2014 – February 16, 2015.  Without your continued support we would not be able to provide the mountain community with such rich musical entertainment experiences. Thank you sincerely, from everyone!

Grants and Donations of $2000 and above
The Biber Family Charitable Fund
Debby and Larry Caine
Deborah K. Caine, CPA (Services)
Colorado Creative Industries
Colorado Health Foundation
Kathleen & John Davis (in kind)
Christine Gaudreau (Services and In-Kind)
John Gaudreau (Services and In-Kind)
Chris Hanson (Services)
Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD)
Team Evergreen
North Fork Trail Race
Linda & Frank Plaut

Maestoso Circle $1500 -$1999
Dave Avery (services & in kind)
Phyllis Albrittion & Phillip Infelise
Phyllis Albrittion & Phillip Infelise (in kind)
Virginia & Tom Boschen

Espressivo Circle $750 - $1499
Robert M. Baldwin & Suzanne Scott
Baroque Folke
JoAnn and Pem Dunn
Evergreen Rotary Club
D.J. Himstedt
Lisa O’Hearn (Services)
Linda & Dale Lovin
Michal & Aaron McDowell
Bob Meade
Katherine G. Strong
The Iron Bridge Group

Vivace Circle $300-$749
Susan & Paul Ahlquist
Peggy & William Braun
Community First Foundation
Anne & Robert Dickert
Encana Cares Foundation
Evergreen Elks Lodge
Linda S. Gallup
Barbara & Bow McLean
Gail & Bruce Montgomery
Ann & Mike Moore
Sue & Dick Phelps
The Ponzio Family
Meredith Rupe - in Memory of Pauline Rupe
Elaine & Larry Sohrweid
Karen Strong & Thom Sumbler
Gerald VanEeckhout – in memory of Carolyn VanEeckhout
Vicki Wallen

Sostenuto Circle $150-$299
Anne & John Bickel
Tom Bieging – in honor of Mindy Hanson
Linda & Fred Bloemendaal
Bruce Bryant - in memory of Sandy Bryant
Edie & Michael Cherubino
Nancy & David Dickert
Jean & Kim Gan
Dean Haave
Hanna Holt
Joni Inman
Deb & Bill Karsell
David McCartney
Donna & John Mullins
Judi & Ralph Nafziger
Janice O’Grady
Michelle O’Laughlin
Paula Painter
Polly Phillips
Katie & Andy Raeder
Laurie & Craig Rinehardt
Charlotte & Richard Russeth
Barb and Tom Scripps
Charles Scripps
Eileen Sharkey & James Darling
Becky & Brian Sides
Barbara Sternberg
Stephanie Stokstad
Terri & Robert Tucker

Cantabile Circle $50-$149
Susan & Paul Ahlquist – in honor of Barb Scripps
Phyllis T. Albritton – in honor of Phyllis Albritton
Carolyn Alexander
Jeanne & Roger Ambrosier
Michelle Andriola
June E. Anglin
Amy Bennett
Nicole & Gray Behrhorst
Linda & Mark Bolinger
Mary Jo Bruskiewicz
David Byrd
Michael L. & Barbara A. Cannon
Mary & Jon Carlson
Lindy & Rod Casados
Linda Castle
Judy & Richard Cheatham
Carol Coates
Laurence Cohen
Gretchen Colbert
Annette Cole
Community First Foundation
Deborah Deeg
Carolin Dick
Rocco & Judi Dodson
Delores Dougherty
William Downes
Denise & Mark Duffy
Genie & Robert Enders
Sharon Foley
Bruce Friend
Stacy Fulenwider
Christine & John Gaudreau
Linda & Mike Golden
Ross Harmon
Barbara & Curtis Harris
Susan Harvey-Dunn – in memory of Emerson Harvey, Jr. M.D.
Pam Haskell
Pam & Chris Heiny
Chad & Stacey Hewitt
Trudy Hewitt
James Hill
Nancy Hladik
Marjorie & Bob Howe
Carole Ibarra
Helene Jaeggi
Jeffrey Kaes
Susan Kramer & Glenn Mayer
Deb & Bill Karsell – in honor of Barb Scripps
Luellen & William Kepler
Rita & Jerry Kiefer
Patricia & Richard Korpan
Dr. Diane Kramer
Kathleen Kuzlasza
Becky & Leon LaClair
Kay Ledyard & Steven Zaiontz
Susan & Stephen Lehman
Meg & Michael Leonard – in honor of Linda Lovin
Gary Locke
William Loudon
Linda & Dale Lovin – in honor of Barb Scripps
Gretchen & John MacArthur – in honor of Barb Scripps
Sandy & Bud Madigan
August Mayer
Margaret McDole & Mark Meremonte
Barbara & Bow McLean – in honor of Barb Scripps
David A. McLean – in honor of Barb McLean
Karin & Edward McLean – in honor of Barb McLean
Tom McNulty
Grant Meinecke
Mary Mosby
Raule Nemer & Bob Topp
Lynn & Phillip Nestingen
Dorothy Painter
Aimee & Matt Peterson
Donna & Doug Phelps
Ronald Phelps
Jo Powers
Angela & Roger Rayne
Recletics, Inc.
Teri Reinig
Mary Richards
Thomas Ruehle
Catherine & Sidney Rundle
Ruth & Jack Salter
Frederic Scripps
Pat & Tony Selby
Barbara Sexton
Joan & Jerry Shrimpton
Julie & Don Shrumm
Matthew Simpson
Chuck Sparks
Susan Spindler
Barbara & Alan Steger – in honor of Barb Scripps
Edwin Steinbrecher
Johan Stokstad
Stephanie Stokstad
John Strong
Harv Teitelbaum
Claire & Theodore Terry
Jeannette Thrower
Linda Trenbeath & William Gorsky
Andrew Tyrie
Kim Van Eeckhout
Richard Vickery
JoAnn & Terry Vogt
Martin Ward
Mark Watson
Marcia Wiedelman
Carol CosgriffWood & George Wood
Jenny & Dale Wood
Gwendolyn Yanish
John Yeager
Stephen Young
Timothy & Sandra Young
Marcia Younger - in loving memory of Gene Younger
Margot Zallen
Tobia Zehnder

 Grazioso Circle $49 and under

Stephanie Angle
Jeannette Armbrustmacher
Peggy Ballengee
Elaine Birely
Vickie Borden
Jean Bowser
Kristy Brenner
Paul Bretz
Melissa Caine-Huckabay
Nancy Carson
Lisa De Caro & Len Matheo
Ellen & Hank DeJonge
Nancy & Thomas Dittmer
Virginia Frank
Lori Ann Frease
Lara Gile
Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt
Woody Hancock
Amy Kelly
Jean Laverty
Autumn & Lou Montgomery
C.H. Mueller
Carolyn Norblom
Bill O’Meara
Roberta Richardson
Georgia & Jay Roelof
Laurie & Greg Romberg
Arthur Shrumm
Wendy Shrumm
Marie-Laurence & Eric Simms
Michael Smith
Micahel Sponsler
Myron Stapleton
Steven Stokstad
James Sumbler
Tim Temanson
Laura L. Mason Timmons
Deborah Updyke
Kathy Valentine
Janet Way
Juanita & Walter Weare
Priscilla Winter