Evergreen Chorale Patrons

We want give a hearty thanks to each and every one of our Patrons and Organizations listed below, who made a donation between February 1, 2013 – February 17, 2014.  Without your continued support we would not be able to provide the mountain community with such rich experiences. Thank you sincerely, from everyone!

Grants and Donations of $2000 and above

The Estate of Charla Cannon

Colorado Creative Industries

Colorado Health Foundation

Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD)

Team Evergreen

North Fork Trail Race


Maestoso Circle $1500 and above

Virginia & Tom Boschen

Deborah K. Caine, CPA (Services)

Debby and Larry Caine

Christine Gaudreau (Services and In-Kind)

John Gaudreau (Services and In-Kind)

Linda & Frank Plaut

Karen B. Strong & Thom Sumbler


Espressivo Circle $750 - $1499

Julie & DJ Himstedt  (In Kind & services) 

JoAnn and Pem Dunn

Linda & Dale Lovin

Kirsten and Skip Marter – Summer Music Camp

Michal & Aaron McDowell

Ann & Mike Moore

Elaine & Larry Sohrweid

Katherine G. Strong

Gerald VanEeckhout – in honor of Carolyn VanEeckhout


Vivace Circle $300-$749

Baroque Folke

Bruce Bryant - in memory of Sandy Bryant

Joy & Timothy Cox  - Summer Music Camp

Anne & Robert Dickert

Phyllis & Larry Eifler

Sharon Foley

DJ Himstedt

Lisa O’Hearn (Services)

Microsoft Corporation

Janice O’Grady 

Meredith Rupe  - in Memory of Pauline Rupe

Dorothy Tomasetti and Michael Williams

Vicki Young


Sostenuto Circle $150-$299

Susan & Paul Ahlquist

Peggy & William Braun

Kathleen & John Davis

Nancy & David Dickert

Evergreen Elks Lodge

Islea & Gerald Graeber

Stacey & Chad Hewitt

The Iron Bridge Group

Susan Kramer & Glenn Mayer 

Barbara & Bow McLean

Ralph Nafziger

Paula Painter

Richard (Dick) Phelps

Barb and Tom Scripps

Marcia & William Smith 

Linda Trenbeath


Cantabile Circle $50-$149

Sandra Adams

Susan & Paul Ahlquist – in honor of Barb Scripps

Jane & James Akin

Phyllis T. Albritton

Carolyn Alexander

Jeanne & Roger Ambrosier

Krisi & DeWayne Baggett

Mary & Bob Biber

Anne Stuart Bickel & John Bickel

Linda & Fred Bloemendaal

Linda & Mark Bolinger

Carl Browne

Mary & Jon Carlson

Lindy & Rod Casados

Julia Cervantes

Community First Foundation

Jean & Mark DeCesaris

Ellen & Hank DeJonge

Rocco Dodson

Michael Eaton

Nancy Friedman & Steven Posner - in honor of Gary Muse

Gallup Family Trust

Marilyn & Penn Gildersleeve

Christine & John Gaudreau

Michael Golden

GJ & PM Graziano

Dean Haeve

Katherine & Chris Hahn

Barbara & Curtis Harris

Susan Harvey-Dunn

Brian Holland

Hanna Holt

Shelly & Russ Houston

Joy Jensen

Deb & Bill Karsell – in honor of Barb Scripps

Linda Kirkpatrick

Patricia & Richard Korpan

Shelley & John Krane

Ruth & George Krauss

Susan & Stephen Lehman

Lisa Lewis 

Lucille & Peter Link

Linda & Dale Lovin – in honor of Barb Scripps

Paul Lutzetski

Gretchen & John MacArthur

Arnold Madigan 

Virginia & Martin Maloney

Margaret McDole & Mark Meremonte

Barbara & Bow McLean – in honor of Barb Scripps

David A. McLean – in honor of Barb McLean

Karin & Edward McLean – in honor of Barb McLean

Jean B. & Jeffrey B. Mershon

Jean Miller

Gail & Bruce Montgomery

Ann K. Moore

Elizabeth Mount

Donna & John Mullins

Steve Napper

Dorothy Painter

Christine Pfaff & Larry White

Richard Phelps

Joy Poirot

John Powell

Jo Powers

Jane Dahlstrom Quinn and Donald Quinn

Recletics, Inc. 

Jane & Bud Romberg

Catherine & Sidney Rundle

Harriet & Charles Sear

Pat & Tony Selby

Susan & William Sells

Barbara Sexton

Norman R. Sherbert

Joan & Jerry Shrimpton

Julie & Don Shrumm

Rebecca Donnella & Brian Sides

Barbara & Alan Steger – in honor of Barb Scripps

Edwin Steinbrecher

Barbara Sternberg

John Stokstad

Dana Sutton

Claire & Theodore Terry 

Marty & Don Unger

Russell Veazy

Harold Wahlborg

Hanna Wo

Jenny & Dale Wood

Marcia Younger - in loving memory of Gene Younger

Tobia Zehnder


Grazioso Circle $49 and under

Stephanie Angle

Katherine M. Bakas

Jerusha Blackmor

Vickie Borden

Vivian Burrows

Julie & David Carter

Thomas Lukich

Bob Meade

Mary Meinig

Tina & Terry Moreland

Lynn & Philip Nestingen

Marilyn & Bill Sandifer

Linda Sexton

Pat Sliemers

Gina & Hamish Walker

Janet Way

Martha & Robert Zavodsky